Why Choose UV Transfer Labels

There are three major pain points in traditional packaging customization, that is, “high price, difficult implementation, and slow production”. This is due to the high threshold for purchasing orders for traditional factory packaging customization, resulting in high price costs for small and medium-sized orders, and it is difficult to match production.

UV transfer labels perfectly meet the packaging customization requirements. These labels is to print glue, white ink, design, varnish, and other layers on the release paper to form a pattern, then cover the transfer film, and use the transfer film to transfer the sticker to the surface of the item, similar to the printing process of dry adhesive labels.

Compared with traditional labels, UV transfer labels have obvious advantages: bright patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensional sense, high gloss, easy to carry, easy to separate when transferring, no glue residue, and short runs in printing. It has subverted the traditional advertising personalized customization market and has become a hot process in the advertising and packaging customization industry.