What Are UV Transfer Labels?

Speaking of stickers and labels, UV transfer label is one of the latest trends. These stickers have no “label-look”, and are widely used in packaging. Visit 4customize to learn more about UV transfer stickers & labels.

What Are UV Transfer Labels

UV transfer labels are also called UV DTF transfer sticker labels, UV 3D transfer labels, or cold clear transfer labels. These labels can be transferred onto any smooth object. Compared with vinyl stickers or other labels, our UV transfer label’s biggest feature is that it has no background or label edge, giving you a silk-screen printing effect.

Custom UV Transfer Labels

How to make UV transfer labels?

Instead of vinyl material, the UV transfer label is printed onto a special material PET film. The printing methods include silkscreen or UV digital printing. UV transfer label has 3 layers, the bottom layer is the backing, the middle is the UV self-adhesive label itself, and the top layer is the transfer film, which helps you to stick the UV sticker label to the exact place.

Features of UV transfer sticker labels

  • No label look, No background
  • Full-color printing
  • High glossy
  • 3D effect: 
  • Waterproof & Oil Proof
  • Wide application.

As mentioned above, the biggest feature of UV transfers is the “ No label look”. It can add a high-end fresh look to your package. During printing, the UV-led lamp cures the pattern and UV varnish instantly. With this UV-varnish coating, the labels have a slight 3D embossed effect, 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, scratchproof, and fadeproof. UV transfer stickers are widely used for food, wine, bottle, cosmetics packaging and more.

How to apply UV transfer labels

To apply a UV transfer label, clean the surface you want to stick, peel off the label from the backing film, position it in the desired place, then apply pressure to make sure the label fully adheres. Then remove the top layer gently. If your artwork is too delicate to separate the top layer, kindly wait several hours before removing the top layer.

Where to buy the best UV transfer labels

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