How to apply metal stickers to personalize logo sunglasses?

Personalized name detail via 3D metal sticker on eyewear


Introducing a modern twist to customizing sunglasses logos: metal transfer stickers. This innovative method bestows sunglasses with a 3D effect, authentic metallic feel, and all at an affordable price. Additionally, the application process is straightforward, making customization a breeze. However, since they’re attached using adhesive, they may require gentle care to maximize their lifespan.

How to Apply Metal Transfer Stickers:

  1. Clean the Surface: Ensure the sunglasses area for the logo is clean.
  2. Peel off the Backing: Remove the protective backing gently.
  3. Position and Press: Align and press the sticker firmly, avoiding bubbles.
  4. Remove the Transfer Film: Peel off the transfer film to reveal the logo.
  5. Finish: Press with a soft cloth for added durability.

Personalize at 4customize:

Whether you’re looking for custom logo lenses or the arms of your sunglasses, our 3D metal transfer stickers provide a distinct touch of sophistication. Explore the possibilities and let your sunglasses be as individual as you are.

Custom 3D Metal Stickers for Sunglasse Logo


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