How to Determine the Perfect Size of Metal Stickers for LOGO Sunglasses

custom sunglass logo with metal sticker Determine the right size

Why custom sunglass logo with metal stickers? Traditionally, customizing logos on sunglasses often uses direct printing, mainly screen or pad printing. While these methods are standard in the industry, they have certain limitations. For example, customers are typically limited to specific sun glass styles offered by manufacturers, and these techniques require a large printing area. To overcome these limitations, many are now choosing 4customize to 4customize to create 3D metallic sunglasses logo stickers, adding a unique, personalized touch to their glasses.

custom sunglass logo with metal sticker

In contrast to traditional ink printing that yields flat patterns, metal sticker logos are made from real metal, adding an elegant flair that blends with the texture of sunglasses. These logos boast a three-dimensional aspect with a subtle 3D embossed effect, and they can be crafted to be relatively small, even fitting perfectly in the corners of the front lenses of the sunglasses. Applying them is as simple as sticking a sticker. Whether for wedding sunglasses, personal glasses branding, sports teams, parties, or festive events, customizing glasses with metal transfer stickers offers tremendous freedom and ease for the customers.

Determining the Right Size

Choosing the appropriate size for a custom sunglass logo with metal stickers is relatively straightforward, mainly focusing on the height of the sunglasses’ arms. Since the arms are usually long, space is plentiful, making height the key factor to consider. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure the logo’s height is smaller than that of the sunglasses’ arms, allowing for design according to personal preferences. For example, if the arms’ height is 1cm and you desire a more noticeable logo, a height of 7-8mm is ideal. Conversely, a height of 4-5mm is appropriate for a subtler look.

When customizing logos for sunglasses, it’s crucial to consider the width of the design, especially for logos that are longer in shape. Based on 4customize’s experience in this field, it’s generally best to keep the width of the logo under 45mm. This ensures that the logo remains within the visible area of the sunglasses’ arms. If a logo is too long, there’s a risk that it might end up behind the ear or get covered by hair, making it less visible. By maintaining the width within this recommended range, you can ensure that your logo is always in sight and displayed effectively, enhancing the overall look of the sunglasses without any compromise in style or visibility.

If you are familiar with design software like Photoshop or Illustrator, these tools can be a big help in figuring out your logo’s exact size. For logos that are text-based, you can estimate the dimensions based on the letters’ size. Often, the width and height of the letters are similar, so you can roughly calculate the size using this approach. For instance, if your logo is a word with five letters, and each letter is 5mm high, the total width of the word would be about 25mm. With the height determined, you can then get a good idea of the sticker’s width. If you need more help with sizing, you can always contact 4customizeto get help and best fit for your design.

4customize is dedicated to offering exquisite metal stickers and top-notch service to assist you in creating personalized and attractive logos for your sunglasses. Should you have any inquiries or specific needs, feel free to contact 4customize at any time. Our commitment is to provide professional and prompt service to help you customize the ideal logo for your sunglasses.

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