Custom Metallic Stickers: Made From the Real Metal – Only At 4Customize


In the market, you’ll find a range of stickers like the popular custom vinyl stickers, paper stickers, and those made from PVC. The core idea behind them is the digital imprint of artwork onto different films. Yet, 4Customize is just launching a brand new sticker type: custom metal stickers — made from real metal. These stickers provide not only a genuine metallic touch but also present an eye-catching 3D effect, ensuring your designs truly pop and shine.

What are custom metal stickers? 

Metal stickers are true to their name, being made from real metals. Different from traditional stickers that rely on digital printing techniques, metal stickers are created through a metal electroforming process. In simple terms, they’re metal plates produced by electroforming and equipped with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to apply on any smooth surface.

Custom metal stickers go by other names as well, such as metallic stickers or metal foil stickers. No matter what you call them, metal stickers are widely known for their luxury metallic texture and unique 3D effect.

What are the custom metal stickers made of?

Quick answer: Nickel.

The custom metal stickers at 4customize are all crafted from nickel. Nickel is a silvery-white metal with a flawless and smooth surface; it has a certain hardness and flexibility. Additionally, nickel also has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and rustproof attributes, ensuring the metal stickers maintain lasting luster.

The metallic stickers from 4customize are crafted from pure nickel with a thickness of approximately 0.08 mm-0.12 mm. These stickers are not only heat and corrosion-resistant but also waterproof, oil-resistant, and rustproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How metal stickers are produced

Electroforming process

In short, we use electroforming processing to transform the client’s artwork into a finished pattern. After cleaning, we apply adhesive and then cover the design with a protective film paper to complete our metal stickers production.

1. Artwork Submission by Customers:

The journey begins with the client providing their desired design, whether it’s a pattern or some letters. Any design is feasible.

2. Design Adjustment:

Once the design is received, our expert designers will convert the artwork into a vector format, ensuring its sharpness and compatibility. If the design is unsuitable for production, we will communicate with the client and suggest necessary adjustments to ensure the best result.

3. Film Template Creation:

Using the vectorized design as a guide, we produce a film template. This step ensures the accurate location of nickel during the electroforming stage, bringing the customer’s desired pattern to life.

4. Electroforming Begins:

Electroforming is at the core of metal sticker production. What exactly is it? Simply put, it’s a technique where nickel is moved from one nickel plate to another location. During this process, we utilize electroforming to transfer the nickel to the designated areas on the film template. This action results in a raised nickel pattern, which is just what we need. Following this, a cleaning process and adhesive application finish the sticker production.

5. Adhesive Application and Protection:

To ensure our stickers remain in place, we use premium adhesives like screen glue or 3M brands. Then, a protective release film layer is added to prevent early drying or contamination.

6. Quality Checks and Packagingļ¼š

Quality is everything. Every sticker will be carefully examined. Once tested, the stickers are well packaged and ready for their journey to our clients.

How many colors are available for metal stickers?

Quick answer: Silver, gold, rose gold, white, black, red, purple, blue, green, and more.

We offer a diverse range of colors for our metal stickers. The inherent color of nickel gives it a silver hue, which means when produced, it naturally appears as a silver color. However, if you desire other shades, options like gold, white, black, rose gold, purple, green, and blue are readily available. These colors are achieved through an additional electroplating process.

Note 1: The white metal stickers produced using this method are not pure white. Instead, they have a slightly off-white or metallic hue.

Note 2: If you can’t find the specific color you’re looking for on our website, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to assist and accommodate your requirements.

The features of metal stickers

Luxurious Finish: Electroformed nickel stickers typically showcase a metallic sheen, exuding elegance and professionalism.

custom 3d metal transfer sticker logo brand real metal decal

Durability: Being made of metal (nickel), the custom metal stickers are durable and long-lasting. These stickers have the features of water resistance, oil-proofing, heat resistance, and sun protection and can last more than ten years.

3D Effect: After electroforming processing, the nickel plate has a thickness ranging from 0.08mm to 0.12mm. This results in these metallic labels having a unique 3D embossed effect, making designs more vivid and pop out.

Perfect Fit: Custom metal stickers are produced to display only the artwork itself, without any background film or edge. This is one of the critical differences from vinyl stickers. When applied to a product, these metallic sticker labels appear as if they were printed or embossed directly onto the surface, perfectly enhancing the product’s overall look.

Wide Application: As a modern sticker, custom metal stickers can be used in any scenario where vinyl stickers are applied. They can adhere to any smooth surface. However, a point to note is that metal stickers have a certain degree of hardness. Therefore, they’re not recommended for curved surfaces as they might peel off over time.

Vivid Details: The electroforming process ensures that even the tiniest design details are displayed. At 4customize, we can capture details as tiny as 0.2mm. This makes custom metal stickers an excellent choice for items like custom watch dials, sunglass logos, and other applications that require both a detailed and premium feel.

Personalized Design: Customers can provide their unique artwork, ensuring each sticker is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re looking to create a signature design, turn a beloved anime character into a metal sticker, or elevate the style of a product, the possibilities with metal stickers are endless. Explore the limitless potential of custom metal stickers for your creative needs.

Wide application of custom metal stickers

Given the unique features of metal stickers, they are widely applied in various industries: custom metal stickers for packages, phone case stickers, decors, car stickers, customized high-end watch dial logos, vehicle and car part insignias, high-end cosmetics packaging, luxury brand merchandise tags, and more. Their uses are only limited by your imagination.

Custom Metal Stickers for Packages: Elevates product presentation and provides a premium branding touch.

Phone Case Stickers & Decors: Enhance the appearance and feel of mobile devices, making them unique and stylish.

Car Stickers: Adds a personal touch to vehicles, often used for branding or decorative purposes.

High-end Watch Dial Logos: Signifies luxury and craftsmanship, often found on premium watch brands.

Vehicle and Car Part Insignias: Serves as branding and model identification, reflecting quality and prestige.

High-end Cosmetics Packaging: Enhances the product’s visual appeal and indicates luxury and quality.

Luxury Brand Merchandise Tags: Used by luxury brands to signify authenticity, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

How to apply custom metallic stickers

Step 1: Clean the surface

Clean the item’s surface where you intend to apply the sticker. Ensure there’s no dust oil.

Step 2: Carefully peel off the backing paper from the sticker

Carefully peel off the backing paper from the sticker, ensuring none of the metal sticker content remains adhered to the backing. If this happens, simply reposition and press down firmly on the sticker a few times before attempting to peel it off again.

Step 3: Position the sticker on the desired surface and press it firmly.

Position the sticker over the desired area and press it firmly. Starting from the center, smooth outwards. You can also use a rigid card to ensure no air bubbles form.

Step 4: Gently peel off the transfer paper

Remove the transfer paper SLOWLY, and leave the sticker content on the surface. If you accidentally lift the metal sticker content, please don’t worry; press down on the sticker again firmly and then try to peel the transfer film again. For a more secure bond, let the sticker sit for a few hours before peeling off the transfer film.

Step 5: Enjoy your new stickers

Enjoy the enhanced aesthetics and branding that the metal sticker provides to your product!

Where to Buy Custom Metal Stickers?

Now that you have a basic understanding of custom metal stickers, the next question is: where can you purchase premium metallic sticker labels?

Quick answer:

Order real metal stickers, only at, from just $1.29 & save up to 80%. Whether you’re looking to place a small test order or have a large-scale application in mind, 4customize can meet all your needs.

Ordering custom metal stickers has never been simpler at 4Customize. All you have to do is upload your artwork design, select the size and quantity you need, and see clear discounts based on different order volumes. Your high-quality, personalized metallic labels are just a few clicks away!


Custom metal stickers are crafted from pure nickel. With both function and artistry, these stickers stand as a symbol of quality and elegance. Whether it’s for product packaging, luxury branding, or personal customization, metal stickers will leave a lasting impression.