Custom Logo Printed Masks: Protect Health While Promote Brand


Printing logos on masks is a smart way to advertise in places where wearing a mask is necessary. You can choose to have a small design in one of the corners or go for a bold approach with a design that covers the entire mask. These masks with your logo protect health and serve as a platform to showcase your company’s culture and brand.

Corner Logo Printing

Adding your logo to a corner of the face mask is a subtle yet effective way to promote your brand without overwhelming the mask’s design. This approach is ideal for businesses looking for a hint of sophistication. At 4customize, we promise that even the smallest details, like tiny text or numbers, are printed clearly. Before anything goes into production, you’ll see a mock-up to ensure the logo’s size and placement meet your vision. This ensures the final product is just what you expected.

Full Masking Printing

For a more dramatic effect, 4customize offers full imprint custom logo mask designs. You can make a bold statement with a minimum order of just 100 units. The process is thorough, ensuring your design transfers beautifully onto the fabric. We take care of every step from printing to assembling the mask, complete with ear straps. Every mask is individually packaged, guaranteeing cleanliness and quality.

Flexible Customization Options

At 4customize, we offer flexibility in your custom disposable face mask orders, whether you need a small batch of 50 for corner logos or 100 for full-mask designs. We also have a range of mask types, including logo disposable face masks, KF94, and KN95 face masks, all individually packaged for cleanliness and effectiveness.

In any event, where masks are required, a mask with a logo is an opportunity to showcase your brand, protect your health, and better promote your brand.