Custom Design Reflective Heat Transfers: Sportswear to Pet Gear for Nighttime Safety

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Custom design reflective Heat Transfers Vinyl (HTV) is widely used in clothing design and manufacturing for its unique features. It enhances night-time safety and introduces new possibilities in both fashionable and functional clothing designs. Made of PET backing and heat-activated adhesive, this special polymer can be applied to various fabrics to create designs and promotional products.

Custom-Reflective-Heat-Transfer-vinyl-decal-HTV-custom-logo-design-HTV-ready-press-iron-on small-quantity-for-shirts-sports-Apparel

The key feature of a custom reflective HTV transfer decal is its high reflectivity. At night, when exposed to strong light, it makes designs shine brightly and become more noticeable. This material is suitable for a range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends. It’s commonly used for printing numbers on sports shirts, personalizing T-shirts, making advertising shirts, school uniforms, sportswear, tote bags, caps, aprons, pillows, reflective logo shirt, reflective logo vest, and home DIY designs. Custom design reflective iron on transfer decal is also great for night-time wear, ensuring visibility and safety for activities like running, biking, and driving, and for those working in traffic control.

Besides enhancing safety, custom reflective iron-on transfers are ready to press, making fun and unique gifts for holidays, Halloween, and anniversaries, offering a new T-shirt experience for families or lovers. Its reflective quality isn’t limited to human apparel; it can also be used for making DIY reflective clothing for pets, increasing their visibility and safety.

Applying logo design reflective iron on transfer decal HTV is simple. Choose the garment, flatten it for transfer, and then press the heat transfer decals onto the fabric using a heat press or a home iron at 284-320°F (140-160°C) for 10-15 seconds. Remove the protective film promptly to complete the printing process. The design remains vibrant and reflective even after multiple washes without fading, peeling, or cracking.

Reflective iron on transfer decal is durable and capable of withstanding multiple washes while maintaining its reflective properties. Its application is versatile and suitable for sports gear, safety equipment, fashionable garments, and more. Its smooth texture remains comfortable on the skin, retaining its reflective quality.

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