Custom Container Shaped USB Drives


Custom container-shaped USB drives from 4customize offer a distinctive and eye-catching alternative to traditional flat USB designs. These 3D shaped drives replicate the look of shipping containers, making them especially suitable for transport industries like logistics, shipping, and transportation.


How is a container shaped USB drive made

Customizing container-shaped USB drives including 2 major processes.

  • First, we design a mold that captures all the intricate details of your logo and container. This mold is then used to form the outer shell with soft rubber.
  • Once the shell is ready, we insert the high quality a+ USB chip, ensuring everything fits perfectly. The result is a high-quality, functional, and visually appealing USB drive.

Container Shape USB: Not Just Practical, But Memorable

One of the best things about these 3D container-shaped USB drives is the cute and eye-catching look. The 3d shape align with a company’s branding and identity. The unique design makes them a memorable promotional item. People like to keep and use. Plus, the 3d container shaped USB drives can also be used as keychains, pendants, making them attractive as business giveawyas , meeting gifts or employe rewards.


Worry-free Ordering with 4customize

Ordering custom 3d container-shaped USB drives from 4customize is simple and worry-free. Once you place an order, we create a 3D render of the design. This render is then shared with you for approval from multiple angles. After you approve the 3D render, we proceed to produce a physical sample and send you photos for second round of approval. Only after you’re completely satisfied , we finally start the final bulk production. This way, we ensure customer get what they see.

Pricing and Production Timeline

4customize offer 3d custom container-shaped USB drives at an affordable price. Since custom molds are needed, the minimum order quantity is 100 units, with prices starting at less than $8 per unit. Our production timeline is efficient, with the 3D design processing taking about 2-3 days, sample production taking 3-4 days, and bulk production taking another 3-4 business days. Then is the delivery, normally we use Fedex express shipping. This ensures a quick turnaround without compromising on quality.