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10 Creative Applications of Custom DTF Iron on Heat Transfer Decal

custom-glitter-iron-on-transfer-for-shirt-dress-canvas-bag-glitter-htv-vinyl ready-to-press-design-logo transfer decal sticker pre cut shape small quantity

Custom DTF Iron on Heat Transfer Decal, primarily utilizing PET film, involves printing colorful designs on the pet film and then applying a heat-activated adhesive on the back of these designs. This adhesive firmly bonds the design to the fabric under high temperature and pressure, making it the most common method for creating patterns on […]

Custom Aesthetic Canvas Tote Bag as a Lifestyle Statement


As the weather gets warmer, it seems we need to carry more things when heading out in summer, especially those indispensable sun umbrellas. Small bags just can’t hold everything, and a slightly larger bag feels too heavy. Thankfully, there are canvas tote bags – both fashionable and spacious. Canvas tote bags have long transcended their […]

Boost Your Brand Identity with Custom 3D Shape USB Drives

Turning fashion items into custom 3D shape USB drives creates fun and practical promotional gifts for fashion companies or boutiques. This cute type of shaped USB drive fulfills the basic need for data storage and serves as a clever, professional promotional gift that everyone loves and collects. Customized Fashion 3D Shaped USB Drives Enhancing Brand […]

Influencers’ Top Pick: Colored Canvas Bags in Summer Fashion


As summer arrives, our streets fill with bright colors and refreshing canvas bags, creating an ideal mood booster for the season. These colorful canvas bags are not just practical for carrying everyday necessities,like computers and small items for a casual picnic, but also allow us to boldly express our colorful personalities and fashion sense. Imagine, […]

Custom 3D Shape USB Flash Drive at 4Customize


Introducing the innovative 3D custom shape flash drive USB drives by 4customize! We turn ordinary USB flash drives into unique, practical, and fun art pieces by combining advanced technology with creative shells. Each USB drive stands out as a symbol of uniqueness. These 3D shape memory sticks aren’t just simple storage devices, but also creative […]

Custom Design Reflective Heat Transfers: Sportswear to Pet Gear for Nighttime Safety

reflective-logo-custom-for-shirts-reflection-heat-transfer-ready-to-press-htv-vinyl-decal-iron-on transfer decals-small-quantity-4customize

Custom design reflective Heat Transfers Vinyl (HTV) is widely used in clothing design and manufacturing for its unique features. It enhances night-time safety and introduces new possibilities in both fashionable and functional clothing designs. Made of PET backing and heat-activated adhesive, this special polymer can be applied to various fabrics to create designs and promotional […]

Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl: Exploring Various Types of HTV for Shirts

Direct to Film (DTF) technology for shirts is becoming more and more popular due to its simple and full-color printing capabilities. It simplifies the process of customizing logo clothing with vibrant graphics, and with just a digital design, Custom DTF transfers can quickly produce and transfer designs onto apparel. However, despite custom DTF transfer’s convenience […]