4 Low-Cost Ways to Put Your Logo on Packaging


Are you starting your own business? You’ll soon find out that getting packaging with your brand’s logo can be tricky. Many times, you have to order more than you need, especially when you have different kinds of products that need different types of packaging. This can really add up and cost a lot. Ordering a big batch of packaging with your logo can be too expensive for new businesses. Plus, if your products don’t sell as well as you hoped, you’re stuck with all that extra packaging. Is there a cheaper way to get your logo on your packaging? Yes, there is! Here are three easy and affordable ways to get your logo onto your packaging.

Low-Cost Ways to Add Logo on Packaging

Regarding product packaging, boxes and bags are usually what we use most. Let’s take starting an essential oil aromatherapy business as an example. Packaging includes paper boxes, cloth bags, metal containers, and glass bottles for the oils. Since essential oils come in various types and sizes, you end up needing a lot of different kinds and sizes of packaging. If you go to manufacturers for bulk printing of logos on each type of packaging, considering the minimum quantity required for logo printing, customizing so many styles can get really expensive. The solution? Buy good quality blank packaging and then use simple methods to customize it with your logo as you wish.

1. Custom Stamps:

This one’s a breeze to understand. It’s all about getting a custom stamp of your brand logo. You choose an ink color matching your brand’s style, then stamp it onto the boxes you’ve ordered. Like that, you have a box with a logo that feels high-quality. The best part? It’s super easy. A quick stamp, and you’re done. The only downside to stamping your logo is ensuring each stamp is in the right place to keep things consistent. And these stamps aren’t just for cardboard or plastic – they work on fabric, too. Really practical, right?

2. Custom Sticker Labels:

Stickers are a super popular way to customize packaging and are budget-friendly, too. You can grab a big stack of stickers for just a few bucks. Use them as seals, decorate your boxes, or even hand them out to customers as freebies with your brand. It’s a great way to jazz up your packaging.

There are many options there, like custom vinyl stickers and paper labels. But here’s something cool – UV DTF transfer labels. These stickers are printed directly onto a unique film and then stuck onto boxes or bottles. It’s like silk-screen printing your logo right on your product. They look fantastic, feel great, and don’t cost much.

3. Silk Screen Printing:

Now, you might be wondering, ‘Why is silk screen printing listed as a low-cost option for logo printing?’ Usually, this method needs a certain minimum order quantity because of the screen-making process. Here’s a neat trick: make your silk screen frame with your logo. This way, you can print as many or as few logo packages as you need. The beauty of silk screen printing is its versatility – it works on paper, plastic, glass, metal, and even fabric. It’s a practical way to get your logo on almost anything.”

4. Heat Transfer Printing:

Heat transfer printing involves using heat transfer stickers with an iron or a professional heat press machine to print logos onto fabric. These stickers are made using a digital DTF (Direct to Film) printer, so you’re not limited in color choices, and they are pretty affordable. Plus, it’s easy to do at home. Just an iron and you can print your logo onto fabric packaging. Remember that these heat transfers are best for fabric only, not so much for paper, plastic, or glass.


So, these are four handy methods we’ve listed for printing your logo without spending a fortune. Which one will you use? Or you’ve got some other superb ideas? Could you drop us a comment and let us know?