3 Ways to Customize Sunglasses Logos

custom sunglasses logo with metal sticker 3d effect
custom sunglasses logo with metal transfer sticker name sunglasses

On many memorable days or occasions, such as weddings and parties, wearing sunglasses imprinted with a unique name or date, or unified sunglasses with an event slogan, adds a distinctive personal charm to the festivities, leaving lasting memories.

For businesses and independent brands, small-batch custom logo sunglasses are also very suitable as marketing gifts. Wearing these personalized brand logo sunglasses on various occasions invisibly promotes the brand, achieving a balance between publicity and practicality. Such promotional methods not only enhance brand awareness but also leave a memorable impression on customers.

So how to customize sunglasses with your own logo or name?

Direct printing and laser engraving are often the go-to choices.

Direct Printing:

This method typically uses pad printing technology. It involves using a special ink and silicone pad to print the logo onto the arms or lenses of the sunglasses. Firstly, a template is designed for the logo. The special ink fills this template, and then a silicone pad is used to extract the inked logo silhouette from the template and imprint it onto the sunglasses.

Pad printing can clearly replicate designs with rich detail, and it’s suitable for arms of various shapes. Moreover, it can produce a variety of vivid colors, making it the most popular method for customizing sunglasses logos. Additionally, the print offers impressive durability, ensuring the logo lasts for a considerable time. This method also adapts well to volume production, accommodating large orders with consistency.

However, one drawback is the need for pad plate making, which often results in a minimum order quantity or quite a high set up fee. Also, it may not be suitable for very thin arms as adequate space is required for the silicone pad.

Laser Engraving:

Laser engraving is done with professional machines. A high-energy laser beam is used to engrave the desired design based on the logo’s shape and outline, using a computerized path. After engraving, the product is polished to remove any burrs.

Laser engraving for customizing sunglasses logos offers several benefits. Firstly, the engraved logo is durable, ensuring minimal fading or wear. The method is also eco-friendly due to the absence of inks. And, for those valuing precision, computer control provides consistent accuracy in detailing. Additionally, this technique allows for greater design versatility, adapting to various styles and aesthetics.

One downside of engraving is that it doesn’t offer colorful results; it merely leaves a simple etching on the surface. Additionally, some specific frame materials might not react as vibrantly to the engraving process, resulting in less noticeable outcomes.


The two aforementioned methods require advanced equipment, implying the need to seek professional suppliers, deal with expensive start-up costs, and face considerable minimum order quantities. Another pain point is that, often, there’s a limited variety of styles to choose from, with cheaper plastic models dominating the options.

Here’s an innovative method: using 3D metal transfer stickers to customize the sunglasses logo. This addresses the issues of high start-up costs and bulk order requirements. Moreover, this method is straightforward and can be easily done at home, allowing for personal designs without any restrictions.

3D Metal Transfer Stickers:

Made through nickel electroplating, sunglasses logo metal stickers are created using stainless steel carriers as molds. The logo design is plate-made, and when placed into an electroplating solution, it accumulates to a certain thickness, resulting in a genuine metal sticker.

Custom logo sunglasses featuring a metal sticker detailing

These metal stickers offer a tangible 3D effect and authentic metallic feel, thanks to their genuine metal composition. Unlike standard labels, they stand out with a unique hollowed design, free from any background color. This feature not only distinguishes them from regular stickers but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. Furthermore, their hollowed-out design without a background color underscores the authentic metallic essence, enhancing the product’s overall aesthetic.

Another advantage of 3D metal transfer stickers is their affordability. Typically, logo size area on sunglasses arms is less than 0.5″ ( 12mm) in height and under 2″ (50mm) in length. At 4customize, you can get 20 stickers for just $35, sufficient for customizing 10-20 pairs of sunglasses. As for application, it’s a breeze. Clean the lens or arm, stick the logo on, press gently, and peel off the transfer film. And there you have it!!

The drawback of this method is that the logo is ultimately adhered with adhesive, making it non-permanent and sensitive to excessive friction. On the flip side, this impermanence offers the advantage of reusability for the sunglasses. If you ever decide you no longer need the current logo, or wish to swap it out for a new one, all that’s needed is to carefully remove the existing sticker and apply a new logo in its place.

Whether you’re after vibrant colors, long-lasting impressions, or a cost-effective yet stylish approach, there’s something tailored for everyone. Opt for pad printing for vivid hues, laser engraving for longevity, or embrace the flexibility and affordability of metal stickers.

For those leaning towards the convenience and style of metal stickers, 4customize provides an effortless experience for top-tier customization. Dive into a refined way of branding, and find out more here: