10 Best Trade Show Gifts in 2024

Trade shows serve as a rapid bridge for communication between businesses and potential buyers. With so many companies and many potential customers, standing out is crucial. How can you make a lasting impression on these prospective consumers and demonstrate your competitive edge? Promotional gifts can be an excellent strategy. Carefully selected, these gifts reflect your corporate image and brand style and are helpful in everyday life – effectively turning them into mobile billboards.

Key Features to Consider for Choosing Giveaways

When selecting gifts for a trade show, the ideal giveaway should resonate with the potential customer’s lifestyle, offer practical value, and softly keep your brand in their mind. Here are 3 key features to consider when choosing trade show giveaways:

  • Branding and Memorability: The gift should reflect the unique feature of your company, ensuring that recipients can instantly recall where it came from. Printing your logo or design elements into the product can enhance brand recognition.
  • Practicality: Choose the items that can be applied to daily life and will be used regularly, such as customized tumblers, notebooks, or sticky pads. Gifts that are useful to the recipient serve a real purpose and continue to promote your brand during their everyday use.
  • Portability: The giveaway should be designed to be easy to carry & take them home. Lightweight and practical gifts, such as USB drives and phone holders, are more likely to be kept and used, thus increasing the opportunities for ongoing brand exposure.

Top 10 Best Tradeshow Giveaways

In short, choosing the right tradeshow gift is key to unlocking potential partnerships. We’ve listed the ten best trade show gifts to ensure your company stands out.

1. Enamel Label Pins

Enamel lapel pins are eye-catching little gadgets that align perfectly with the trend of seeking uniqueness. These badge pins can be applied in various ways: pinned on clothing to add your style or attached to canvas bags as a unique accessory. They also show a company’s professional image when designed as uniform work badges. However, as trade show giveaways, these pins should be prepared to be more fun and engaging, enticing customers to wear them willingly. This approach showcases the brand and encourages interaction and visibility creatively and stylishly.

2. USB Flash Drives

In today’s digital era, USB flash drives are essential and prized for their multifunctionality and portability, making them perfect trade show giveaways. Choose card-style USB drives or unique features like built-in bottle openers, USB, or pen drives to meet different needs. Print your company name or brand logo on USB drives for brand show. You can also try a brand new, creatively logo-shaped USB drive for an enhanced recognition factor. 

Preloading the drive with corporate videos and product quotations is recommended, offering convenience for the customers to learn about your business and follow-up communication.

3. Tote Bags

Canvas bags at trade shows is a thoughtful and practical choice. These bags are widely used for carrying documents, books, or shopping, enhancing the utility of the gift. Compared to other smaller giveaways, canvas bags offer a more extensive, customizable area for conveying brand info and values. Imagine a picture where a tote bag printed with your company logo conveniently carries materials gathered by attendees at a trade show.

Considering their versatility in everyday use, when customizing tote bags for tradeshow giveaways, it’s essential to avoid plastering the bag with huge logos and slogans that might prevent someone from using it publicly. Instead, elegantly integrating your company’s artwork or stylish designs into the bag can create an attractive look that customers are happy to showcase, naturally increasing brand visibility.

4. T-Shirts

Custom T-shirts serve as a popular giveaway at trade shows, effectively showcasing a company logo with a unique design. Choose high-quality fabrics with moisture-wicking and breathability to ensure the T-shirt is suitable for daily wear and a staple for casual comfort. Wearing these shirts uniformly during the tradeshow showcases a professional team image. 

As giveaways, such T-shirts are more accessible to wear by consumers in their day-to-day lives, greatly extending the brand’s promotional reach. In design, it’s important to balance style and comfort to ensure customers are glad to wear them on various occasions to expand the brand’s visibility and impact.

You can also customize your t-shirts with custom iron on transfers, a simple and cost-effective way to create branded t-shirts.

5. Phone Holders

Phone stands have become a trendy trade show gift. As smartphones increasingly become an essential part of our lives, people spend lots of time on smartphones. Hence, the demand for phone accessories continues to surge. More and more people choose to equip their devices with stands for convenience. The market offers a variety of phone stand styles, such as ring holders and pop-up grips. 

Choosing an attractive, high-quality stand customized with your logo can effortlessly turn your customers’ phones into walking billboards. These branded phone holders can continue working on brand promotion when given away as trade show gifts.

6. Webcam Covers

Webcam covers are niche yet highly practical giveaways. Compared to everyday items like pens or phone accessories, webcam covers serve as giveaways, making them unique and popular. 

What exactly are webcam covers? They are small slider covers designed to block your computer’s camera. In the age of information, protecting one’s privacy is important. Webcam covers can hide the camera when not in use, preventing hackers from accessing it without your knowledge. They are perfect for trade show giveaways. Branded with your company name and logo, it is easy to be reminded of your brand every time they use their laptops.

7. Pens

As standard office or study supplies, pens have a broad audience and come in many varieties, such as fountain pens, ballpoints, or gel pens. Customizing these pens by printing or engraving a company’s logo or trademark can increase brand visibility and align with the company’s image. Additionally, consider incorporating unique design elements on the pen body to showcase creativity and capture the target audience’s attention. Selecting different colors, patterns, or textures can distinguish various pen styles and make them more appealing.

8. Cute Logo Sticker Packs

Stickers are used in every industry. Create a fun sticker pack that matches your company’s style and give it away at trade shows. This makes your brand appear on consumers’ water bottles, laptops, phone cases, skateboards, and more. With custom sticker packs, your brand can be present anywhere people express their individuality. Remember, when customizing such sticker giveaways, aim for more entertaining and engaging designs.

9. Tumblers

When selecting trade show gifts, custom tumblers made of stainless steel are an excellent choice, offering both practical and eco-friendly features. They are suitable for daily use or outdoor activities and essential items in everyday life. The high-end stainless steel material makes these tumblers an ideal gift, showcasing an appreciation for valued clients and complementing your brand image. Whether aiming to attract new clients or maintain relationships with existing clients, a well-crafted 304 stainless steel tumbler imprinted with your company’s logo effectively showcases your company’s care and respect.

10. Custom Logo Masks

Despite the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people continue to wear masks, especially in crowded settings like trade shows. Moreover, the practice persists during flu seasons or amid concerns about air quality. Offering custom disposable face masks can be a thoughtful option for those who remain masked. Imprinting your brand information or company name on these masks Shows a commitment to public health and safety. Distributing masks with your company logo at trade shows inadvertently allows potential customers to promote your brand.


Choosing the perfect trade show giveaways is essential for making a lasting impression. Each item should be selected carefully, from practical tumblers to eye-catching enamel pins, considering overall cost, brand alignment, and practicality. The correct giveaway can create a memorable impact at your next trade event. 

You can significantly enhance your business’s visibility and appeal by utilizing small gifts as leverage. These giveaways are not mere tokens but strategic tools for building and strengthening brand recognition. Choosing giveaways thoughtfully lays the foundation for a successful and impactful trade show presence.

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